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In 1998, Chief Executive Officer Gary Kale and President Carl Hubbard opened Heritage Equipment with less than 15 employees. It was then that Kale and Hubbard began a journey to raise the standard of Truck Service in the Truck Industry. Heritage Equipment, under the direction of Gary Kale and Carl Hubbard, has been instrumental in the design and marketing of the Western Star 6900XD “Planetary-Drive” Hauler, in concert with ALFAB and Hamilton Tank Services, For All Off-Road applications. This particular Western Star Truck is a Specialized, Extreme-Duty Truck designed to transport 60-Ton Payloads in Off-Highway applications.

Kale and Hubbard, who have extensive backgrounds in Natural Resources and Transportation, have established a strong presence for Heritage Equipment and Western Star Trucks throughout the Mining, Quarry, and Fly Ash, and Construction Industries. Their unrelenting focus on Service and profound passion for Trucks, coupled with an ongoing commitment to Extreme-Duty Applications, has earned Heritage Equipment the prominence of having the “Best Product Support Team,” in the business.

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