Western Star 6900XD “Planetary-Drive” Trucks

The Western Sar 6900XD, known as the “Planetary-Drive,” is designed for the most extreme off-road applications. Outfitted with either a manual or automatic transmission, and equipped with a 110,000-lb. rear planetary drive axle, a 30,000-lb. front axle, a 110,000-lb. rear suspension, quadruple full “C” channel frame rails, this truck is capable of handling maximum payloads of 60 tons. Powered by a Detroit DD16 Engine capable of making 530 HP with approximated fuel consumption of 6.5 gallons per hour. This truck is on the leaderboard for cost of operation compared to other equipment in the industry, hauling or transporting similar payloads.

In the Quarry and Mining industries, hauling coal and fly-ash, these trucks are fitted with 66 cu. Yd. dump bodies. Sometimes fitted with vibrators and full bed liners to insure quick discharge, with little or no build-up of material sticking in the body.

As these trucks are strictly off-road vehicles, they cannot be operated on Local, State, or Federal Highways. We are equipped with our own fleet of lo-boy trailers, and stand ready to transport these trucks to your jobsite.

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